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Our History

Join the Cuellar family as guests in their “ranch home” to enjoy a traditional family-style dinner with flavors that reflect generations of passion for delicious food. Welcome to the Cuellar’s Fajita Ranch. Our guests will enjoy and embrace the great flavors of grilled meats, homemade beef tacos, hand-rolled cheese enchiladas, delicious sides and refreshing margaritas all served in a relaxed and comfortable Texas ranch-themed environment.

Growing up on a farm in East Texas, the Cuellar brothers always liked the wide-open spaces. Even though they settled in Dallas, they always dreamed of having a place in the country. After years of hard work, the Cuellar boys got their dream. They bought a ranch near Glen Rose, Texas complete with rolling hills, spring fed ponds and all manner of exotic game. The families would go down there for weekends and the boys and their wives would cook up a storm of ranch-style treats like grilled fajitas, chicken-fried steak and fresh salads and vegetables. Oh yes, and some of the best Tex-Mex you could find. They’d complete the feasts with some smoked meats from town. “We all loved that place and even though it’s long gone now, the spirit lives on at Fajita Ranch.” says Gilbert Cuellar. Come by and smell the grilled meats and fresh tortillas and you’ll get a hankerin’ for Tex-Mex, Hill Country-style.